Terms & Conditions

1. Each project is individual. Therefore, it is not possible to set a flat rate. The price is based on my assessment of the project's workload.

2. The Client will provide data and clear instructions what needs to be analyzed.

3. I will propose the price and estimated date of delivery.

4. The Client will pay a 50% deposit upfront and then I will prepare the output sample.

5. After the delivery of the sample, the Client is invited to comment.

6. If the Client’s expectations differ from the delivered sample, but at the same time do not exceed the originally estimated workload of the project, the sample is adjusted according to the Client's idea without increasing the original price.

7. If the Client’s expectations differ significantly from the delivered sample (e.g. in terms of workload), I reserve the right to adjust the original price.

8. In the case the sample is not acceptable to the Client or the Client disagrees with the increase in price, the deposit is refunded minus the already incurred work (e.g. preparing the output sample, studying the material, communicating the Client, consulting ...).

9. If the Client agrees with the delivered sample, the Client will pay the rest of the price and the project will be completed according to the agreed sample.

10. If the Client has additional requirements during the project (or after final delivery) that were not included in the delivered sample (or final delivery), the original price will be increased relative to the additional workload. If the Client does not accept the proposed surcharge beyond the original price, the additional requirements will not be delivered.