When it comes to money we all want the best deal. But as with many things, a balance has to be struck rather than going for the cheapest and sacrificing quality in the process. Statistical services are no different.

A cursory glance on the internet will shoe that what seem to be the exact same services can cost from $10 an hour to $100 or more. You undoubtedly know the answer – it is not the same service! This is true especially for the consulting services. The cost of consulting is driven by two main factors: consultant skill and consultant location. In today’s globalized world it is easy to hire somebody in India to do the work for you for the fraction of the price that you would normally expect in US or other western countries. However, the critical question is: Can he or she provide the same service?

When it comes to statistical consultants, the most important thing is experience and how well the results can be explained to you. A good data analyst is not the same as a good statistical consultant. Let’s admit, statistics is not the easiest field of study. A qualified statistics consultant must be able not only to do the data analysis correctly but also to explain the rationale behind that analysis. Very few statisticians can actually do that!

I have acquired many new clients unhappy with the unsatisfactory work of their previous statisticians. Your investment of time, energy and money is better served by choosing a combination of price and quality. I can offer value, so save your time and energy and work with the best.

So my advice to you:

1. Don’t compare statistical services simply on price. There are important variables to ensure quality. The final output will vary
significantly among the services.

2. When choosing the statistician look for: experience and credentials.