Statistical Services

Statistical Services

I provide a broad range of statistical consulting services:

Throughout my career, I have managed different statistical problems in many areas: medicine, psychology, sociology, economics, among others.

I have experience with all sorts of statistical analyses. For example:


  • Sample size and power analysis using G*Power

  • Data cleaning and screening

  • Descriptive statistics

  • Confidence intervals

  • Significant difference tests (t-tests, ANOVAs, and other parametric tests)

  • Mann-Whitney U, Wilcoxon T, Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA by ranks, exact sign test, and other nonparametric tests)

  • Correlations (Pearson, Spearman, etc.)

  • Psychometric analyses (e.g., Item-total analyses, Cronbach’s alpha)

  • Multiple correlation and regression (linear regression, logistic regression, analysis of mediating variables and moderator variables)

  • Discriminant analysis

  • Exploratory factor analysis

  • Cluster analysis