Should you do the data analysis by yourself or hire a professional statistician? 

Unless you feel proficient in statistics, I strongly believe that the latter is the right choice. Let me explain why.

Most students who turn to me for help have little if any experience in statistics. Others might find they are unsure of themselves in more challenging assignments. Yet, at their final stage of study are expected to do the statistical analysis on their own. Those who are non-statisticians often find choosing appropriate methods, running the analysis and interpreting the results correctly very difficult. As a result, many dissertation committees have started to allow graduates to hire or consult a professional statistician.

It can be hard to understand why some graduate students spend +100k USD on higher education and are hesitant to spend a few hundred on a good statistician. Not consulting with a professional statistician can be dangerous. It can even jeopardize your graduation.

I mean, would you buy a nice safe car for your family and then put on the cheapest tires?

See my previous blog post where I discuss the price aspects and what to avoid when choosing the right consultant.

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