Dissertation Statistics Help

Students often contact me while finishing their dissertation when they find themselves confronted with complex data analysis. Statistics can be very frustrating, and clear and accurate calculations are sometimes elusive. At that point, contacting a professional statistician can save you time and frustration. More importantly, a capable dissertation statics consultant will ensure you use the correct methods and instruct you on how to defend your results when challenged.

If you find yourself in this position, contact me, and we can discuss the statistical aspects of your project.

I have helped hundreds of students with dissertation statistics. I have received incredibly good testimonials. . I always ensure that everything is explained to you clearly, and you completely understand the statistics used.

I will provide accurate and clear graphs and tables for your research paper. I use professional statistical software (R, SPSS...). Output (tables, graphs, tests) will be delivered to you along with my comments, with emphasis on the results you hope to achieve.